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Protection de la vie privée of privacy

Protection of privacy and personal data
Last updated: march 24, 2022  Certain information collected via the website is subject to computer processing intended for the management of client and prospect files that have been declared to the CNIL, under the number 1582516v0. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06 January 1978 and the European law on the GDPR of 24 May 2018, you have at any time a right to access, rectify and delete personal data about you. Emails and forms are available to you to exercise your rights.

Compliance of computer procedures

TL GUN SHOP's data collection, retention and management procedures are in accordance with the applicable laws, treaties and regulations (GDPR).

TL GUN SHOP puts everything in place to guarantee a maximum degree of protection for your data throughout your relationship with our services.

Banking data: TL GUN SHOP does not collect or store any bank data on its media: these sensitive data are directly encrypted by our partner Verifone with 3D Secure authentication in order to avoid any hacking attempt and are destroyed after any transaction. Only ineffective extracts are kept for the accounting of your transactions (payment, accounting, archiving).

Passwords: The passwords are directly encrypted and can not be read by our services or third parties: if you have forgotten your password, you must reset it by clicking on the link "Word forgot password.

Purposes of the collection of personal data

When some of your data is necessary for us to execute a contract to which you or your company are parties, or to meet a regulatory obligation, we will notify you during the collection.

Your data will be used in different ways, depending on the reason you have come into contact with our company:

- On the basis of your consent, which you may withdraw at any time without jeopardizing the original lawfulness of the use of your data;

- For the purposes of executing your contract or a contract with the company you represent (performance of services, invoicing, monitoring of the performance of the contract, delivery, after-sales and claims, conducting surveys satisfaction, customer file management, delinquency and litigation management);

- To process and respond to requests that may lead to a contract (request information on our group or making quotes, excluding requests by emails that do not constitute a collection of personal data);

- To meet our legal, accounting and tax obligations (in particular the maintenance of supporting accounting documents, the management of applications for rights, rectification and opposition, the keeping of a list of opposition to prospecting);

- Unless you object and within the limits of your interests and rights, to meet our legitimate needs, including: Prospecting, customer relationship management and customer loyalty (which in particular go through a need for better knowledge of the people with whom we are in contact, by sending commercial messages or concerning our news, our products, services and offers) ;

Realization of soliciting operations, in order to develop the commercial activity of our company;

Management of the opinions of the people on products, services or contents in the interest of improving the products and services proposed by our company;

Development of commercial statistics, in order to analyze the commercial activity of our company;

Management of the prospect file, in order to develop the commercial activity of our company;

Retention of personal data

The personal digital data of the prospects are kept within a maximum of 5 years after the last connection to your account (if your account remains inactive for 5 years).

If you are a prospect or a customer, you can at any time request the deletion or correction of your personal data (see email and dedicated forms).
Warning, the deletion of your personal data will result in the deletion of your account and the entire history of your orders if you are a customer.

At the end of these periods, the data are deleted from the active databases and, if necessary, archived for a period not exceeding the statutory limitation periods or the applicable archiving obligations. Once these deadlines expire, the data is destroyed.

Recipients of personal data

The data is intended for use by the TLGS Company, the sales department and the accounting department.

They are also made accessible to our internet providers and technical subcontractors (web host, webmaster and accounting and financial services) for the strict requirements of their missions.

Some third-party operators may also have access to marketing cookies (see "Cookie Management").

Right of persons:

Access, modification and deletion of personal data In accordance with the European directives of the GDPR, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of the CNIL and the legal obligations of mail order, TL GUN SHOP provides you with tools to help you manage your personal data:

- Right to information: Consultation of your personal data
- Right to forget: Request for deletion of your personal data (apart from billing elements and legal and tax obligations).
- Right to portability: Request for transfer of personal data.
- Right to limitation: Request to limit the processing of your data.

To claim one of these rights previously exposed, thank you to send an email to  by specifying your NAME, Surname and your email (used for your account) and specifying your request.

For your other rights related to data protection and online purchases, click on the corresponding link:

- Right to the correction of your personal data: Access to your personal account to modify your data
- Cookie management: Use the Cookie management tool at the bottom of each page of the website.